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Buy Top Branded Perfumes Online, Dubai, UAE

The One-stop Destination to Buy the First-quality Copies of Branded Perfumes in Dubai, UAE

Perfume making is a delicate art. It requires unique knowledge and a great sense of fragrances. It also needs advanced technological skills. Albait Aldimashqi has all these, making it the best perfumery in Dubai and all other emirates of the UAE regarding best copies of world-famous perfume brands. We compose extraordinary smells popularized by leading brands in our culture with almost similar quality and fragrance. And the price of them is as surprising as the quality we provide. In short, we provide the cheapest version of your beloved perfume brand. Only if you don’t mind possessing the copied version, check out our website now to buy the fragrance of top-branded perfumes online.

Smell Exactly Like Branded Perfumes!

Here is a test: get perfume from us and get its original. Present it to your friend or even a perfume expert to find out which is original or which a copy is. He/she will have a hell of a time to understand the difference. We manufacture our perfumes in such perfection that without labels and packaging it’s nearly impossible to identify the difference.

We deliver our perfumes and other related body care products, such as body lotions, body sprays, body oils across the UAE—Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite brand of perfume at the lowest price in this country. Just place your order online, and get them delivered shortly. In addition to card payments, we’ll also provide cash on delivery facilities as well. We want you to get all the advantages of wearing a particular fragrance you fell in love with. The money wouldn’t get in the way of celebrating those fragrant moments in your life.

The Cheapest Copies of Branded Perfumes

As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, we can give you the perfect copies of all kinds of branded perfumes. In our perfume labs, hardworking and skilled fragrant specialists working hard to create the perfection you’re looking for. As mentioned, they reach your hands at the cheapest price in Dubai, UAE. We can deliver them so competitive a price because we use low-cost raw materials and innovative technology in production. Above all, our highly experienced team—ranging from the chief perfume artist to the delivery boy—follow a strict guideline put in place to make the perfumes cheaper and exceptional.

Now, check out our website and have a tour through the comprehensive list of our perfume categories. Compare the price with the original brands and calculate the amount you save by purchasing online from the copied versions of branded perfumes. The money you save can be used for some other important things in your life. Why waste when you can have similar results? Eventually, the fragrance counts most. No one is going to check your perfume bottle, so get our branded perfumes and make an impact in your community, work, or anywhere for that matter.

Our products are composed of people from all walks of life. You’ll never fail to discover a suitable item for you in our categories. Now, let’s look at the major categories of perfumes at Albait Aldimashqi.


Possessing and wearing branded products undoubtedly enhance ones’ status symbol. Popular brands stand for quality, endurance, tradition, effectiveness and numerous other features that add excellent value to our life. Big brands have transformed the world, revolutionized popular culture, and helped the world to become a better place. We’re here to give an enchanting brand experience made up of unusual fragrances.

So ladies, get ready to smell fresh and elegant with our perfume varieties.

The fact we’re providing copies no longer discourage you, once you get a chance to use them once. Because the perfumes we manufacture are in the best quality and the best prices available in Dubai and any other place in the UAE.

Our Women Perfumes Collection


75.00 AED  


75.00 AED  


75.00 AED  


The familiar description of men in a commercial for perfumes is mostly connected to their masculinity. It seems like the purpose of perfumes for men is for solely enhancing their sexual appeal (there are exceptions, however). Let’s set it aside ad folk’s trick of the trade. The perfume industry focused on men is as incredible and evolving as they are for women. As for the layman, it’s impossible to have them due to the high price.

There’s no space for such worries when Albait Aldimashqi is with you.

We compose a variety of fragrances made famous by premium brands. You can’t get better copies of them anywhere in Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE. Purchase online for your cherished branded perfume, it’ll reach you soon in the best quality and the cheapest price you can have them.

Our Men Perfumes Collection


They’re special in many ways, and one aspect that’s common between all of them is the prohibitive price. That’s what turns off a lot of people from these mesmerizing scents. With our perfect copies of branded perfumes, you can enjoy these fragrances that have been affordable for only the affluent in the world. The rich, refreshing fragrances are at your hand; they smell and last long like the original version.

So what holds you back to have a go at your special perfume?

Log onto our website today and go through the long list to spot your dear brand. And get ready to enjoy the enchanting fragrance that has tempted you long.

Our Special Perfumes Collection

Ambre Nuit

105.00 AED  


105.00 AED  

Oud Wood

105.00 AED  


The VIP perfumes category list only extraordinary fragrances that stood the test of time and that is not at all accessible for an ordinary person. It’s every person’s dream to enjoy the brands at least once in a while. But we help you enjoy them anytime you wanted. The copies of the VIP perfumes exactly smell like the branded ones. The differences could only be in the packaging and brand label.

Be identified as a VIP with our VIP fragrance

Yes, feel like a significant personality no matter where you go. Fragrances have such magic that can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Buy online now from our website the cheapest and top-quality copied version of your favorite branded perfume.

We guarantee you that nowhere in Dubai or the UAE you can get such perfection in the fragrances.

Our VIP Perfumes Collection


410.00 AED   330.00 AED  


360.00 AED   285.00 AED  


255.00 AED  


325.00 AED   260.00 AED  

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